What does it mean to be nominated?

And hopefully win the Kanthal® Award

Being nominated for the Kanthal® Award will not only let you be a star for a day, it will also give you visibility in the media related to your industry, possibilities for networking and, last but by no means least, useful, free-of-charge marketing material for your product/solution.

We hope that the Kanthal® Award can become the Nobel Prize within the area of Heat Treatment. Our goal is to make a sustainable world for coming generations. We see a great opportunity to support a charity organization in fulfilling some of their visions with the donation money.

In 2015 ArcelorMittal donated their award money to the French bone-marrow organization France Greffe de Moelle. The aim of this body is to make every effort to improve the quality of care provided to each patient, within the constraints of health, safety, ethical considerations and equitable access to the services.

In 2016 Proton Power Inc. donated their award money to Rotary International. The mission statement for Rotary includes an extensive list of charitable goals: Promote Peace, Fight Disease, Provide Clean Water, Save Mothers and Children, Support Education, Grow Local Economies and End Polio Forever.

Originally Sunfire decided to donate the prize sum to Greenpeace but they have a policy to not accept funds from companies. Therefore, Sunfire decided to donate their award to Atmosfair, a climate protection organization with a focus on travel. They actively protect the climate by compensating greenhouse gases using renewable energy.

We have created the Kanthal® Award to encourage and award innovative solutions that make a difference for the future. Join us in making this journey; together we can reach beyond the expected.